Markets We Serve

AVS is a trusted and competent partner motivated to serve the customer first. Our success is largely attributed to the ability to understand customer’s needs and provide workable solutions through effective design and implementation without compromising quality. We have handled many prestigious high value projects with world’s best-recognized Organizations….

Schools and Education

We understand the needs of providing comprehensive learning environment in educational sector. Hence, we focus on providing turnkey security systems and audio-visual solutions to educational institutions that not only caters to the needs of students but also to teachers. Our team of professionals use their expertise to integrate Elv & Security Systems that fit the needs and budget for both established and newly built educational facilities such as schools, universities, and training institutes.  

Hospitals and Clinics

Our ELV, AV solutions are aimed to assist healthcare professionals in using advanced technology to enhance connectivity, maximize resources, and achieve successful, cost-effective cooperation in the delivery of patient care. We design and install ELV, AV solutions for healthcare professionals to according to the requirement. According to our design and technology of ELV, AV Solutions, we will promise to provide you the best hospital and Clinics in town.

Malls & Retail Shops

The retail sector, from a global perspective, is faced with a unique set of security challenges in direct proportion to its ongoing growth both in size and complexity. Along with leading manufacturers, we provide industry leading products and innovative solutions to the needs of its corporate clients like Malls & Retail Shops. We help you with control and automate audio, video, security, and environmental systems automatically across store levels and multiple properties.


Restaurant & Hotel, operators will be unable to perform their operations profitability without using technology extensively. Our solutions enable hotel owners provide their guests that feeling of security at the premises and the ease of controlling multiple functions in their room like lighting, audio/video systems among others at the tip of their fingers. Our Team experts are aware of the best ways to create a comfortable and safe environment in Hotel Sectors using the latest and the best security devices, such as alarm systems and CCTV cameras etc…

Commercial and Residence Buildings

Security solutions offered through AVS are getting smarter and stronger for residential and commercial buildings alike. We always need to customize a solution to protect your premises, employees, and visitors from unwanted intruders. Basically, commercial buildings have more complex needs when it comes to keeping the building secure and Security systems are also mandatory for Residence Buildings. And require unique Safety and security measures, as each property is vulnerable to various hazards. Hence AVS Security Systems LLC provide a full project lifecycle of consulting, design, implementing, and ongoing support to meet the growing demands of our customers.

Residence Community

AVS Security Systems LLC especially focuses on residence community. We have done many projects in residence community. With a properly installed system, solutions take the simple residence community to a whole new level – making it not just comfortable but safer, convenient, and automated. Our expert engineers and well-trained technical staff work with our clients to achieve the best security solutions for their properties. AVS has been offering solutions to majority of the iconic residence community in the UAE.

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